Dundee Scottish Festival Highlander & Lady Scot

Highlander & Lady Scot

In 2013, the Dundee Scottish Committee, in cooperation with "Our Town Rocks," implemented the first annual Highlander and Lady Scot program. The purpose of the program was to select two outstanding youth from our community that would proudly act as role models and demonstrate pride in our Scottish heritage.

Each year a young man and a young woman would be selected by a committee consisting of community members based on their application, interview, and public speaking based on a non-profit organization in our community that the individual has an interest in and has received a sponsorship. The finalists receive a cash scholarship, gifts from the community, and many opportunities to appear publicly. Some of these events include Dundee Days, parades, community days, and supporting events sponsored by their non-profit organization.

Ryan Goodman and Calley Knapp were crowned the Highlander and Lady Scot for the 2015–16 at the 2015 Scottish Festival after completing an application and going through the competition process.

Dundee Scottish Festival Highlander & Lady Scot

They welcomed members of the community at the Highlander Ball in March. The application process is complete and the competition part of the program is underway. A kilt folding demonstration where Master Folder, Will Frazer will traditionally dress the Highlander and Lady Scot, will be held at the pavilion during the Festival. This year’s Highlander and Lady Scot will be crowned in a special ceremony on the Piper’s Field following the demonstration.

The process of selection has begun and we look forward to selecting our next Highlander and Lady Scot. Applications are being received and the selection process will continue over the summer. The final Highlander and Lady Scot will be announced and crowned as part of the festive events at the Dundee Scottish Festival.

Dundee Highlander & Lady Scot Program

Look for the members of the Court during the festival. The will be:

  • Wearing t-shirts that designate position in the Court
  • Welcoming guests at the front gate
  • Selling tickets for a broadsword
  • Selling Windmill kettle corn
  • Offering to use your phone to take your picture to post on Facebook
  • Distributing invitations to the kilt-folding demonstrations where a master will traditionally dress the Highlander and Lady Scot
  • Participating in the Coronation Ceremony to crown the Highlander and Lady for 2016–17

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