Dundee Scottish Festival Piping & Drumming

Piping & Drumming

Elmira/Corning's Caledonia Highlanders

There are about 25 of us who like to get together every week to pipe and drum. We like to have fun together! We march in several parades every summer and are available for local events. Some of our band members can be persuaded to play at weddings and funerals too! We are affiliated with the local Scottish American Society as well. » Facebook

The Irish American East Side Pipe Band

The Pipe Band was formed in the Fall of 2001 by a few members with the mission of putting together a fun marching band for the Irish American Club, East Side. The Band continues to grow, currently boasting a roster of over 30 members and students. The musicians in the band share the same desire of promoting our culture and heritage playing traditional bagpipe music while proudly representing the club. » Website

96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums

The 96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums Inc. of Jamestown, New York, were established in 2001. The band is under the direction of Pipe Major Pamela Silver. The 96th Highlanders are proud to represent Jamestown, New York and Chautauqua County in all events we perform in through-out the year. » Website

Finger Lakes Pipes and Drums

The Finger Lakes Pipes and Drums are dedicated to making the best music possible in the traditional Scottish pipe-band idiom. The band was established in August of 2008 under the leadership of Pipe Major Mark Cushing. This year Finger Lakes will field a Grade 5 competition band. The FLP&D participates in concerts, parades, highland games and Gaelic/Celtic festivals throughout the Finger Lakes region and beyond. » Website

Buffalo's Caledonian Pipes & Drums

The band was formed in Buffalo, NY 1958 and can be seen in parades, performances, and competitions in the Northeast US and Ontario throughout the year. » Website

Binghamton's Broome County Celtic Pipes & Drums

Established in 1987, the Broome County Celtic Pipes and Drums (BCCP&D) Band is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) band that continues to play in many local venues, for those who love parades as well as just good old Celtic music. They have had the privilege of playing for the Wounded Warrior organization, as well as participating in some of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country, including NYC and Savannah, Georgia. They also participate each year in The Great Guinness Toast which helps raise money for other charity organizations in Broome County. » Website

Rochester Scottish Pipe Band

Practicing at the East Rochester School Complex, the band prepares to thrill new audiences. Truly the Rochester Scottish Pipes and Drums are Rochester’s Celtic Ambassador to the world. That tradition, ninety-five years and counting will carry on into to the future. » Website

Niagara Regional Police Pipe Band

The Niagara Regional Police Pipes and Drums is located in Niagara Falls Canada and perfoms locally and across Canada and the USA at Scottish Highland Games and other Celtic events both as a concert and competition Pipe Band. The Band has encountered great musical success over the years, the most recent being a competitive win at the 2012 North American Pipe Band Championships in Maxville, Ontario, competing at the Grade 4 level. Following this great success the band was upgraded into Grade 3 for the following 2013 competitive season. » Website

Piping & Drumming Gallery

Dundee Scottish Festival - Piping & Drumming
Photography by Tom Shepard