Dundee Scottish Festival

Highland Games

The Sons & Daughters of the McLeods of Starkey and the Mclouds of Italy Hill welcome you to their 2017 Dundee Scottish Games!

Applicants must register by calling Paul Rose at 585-283-1711

Braemar & Open Stone Braemar

A heavy stone is thrown while the feet are planted. The open stone is slightly lighter and is thrown with a spin or glide, very similar to the Olympic shot-put.

Weight for Distance

These are weights thrown with one hand for distance. Most atheletes use 2 spins to build momentum to heave the weights. It is thrown out of a 9' x 4' foot box. The weights are measured in "stones". One stone is equal to 14 pounds.

Scottish Hammer

Unlike Olympic Hammer where it is a ball and wire and the thrower is allowed to spin, Scottish Hammer is a stationary event where the athelete whips the hammer around his head. The Scottish Hammer consists of a heavy ball and shaft instead of a wire. Some athletes will wear custom boots with spikes on the end to keep themselves anchored to the ground.

Sheaf Toss

The sheaf is a weighted canvas bag that is thrown with a pitch fork for height. An athlete is given three tries at each height, then the bar is raised. Historically the winner would be the best sheaf (wool) thrower in the region.

Heavy Weight for Height

The event uses the same heavy weight as the distance throw above but on a shorter chain. The athlete uses one hand to throw the heavy weight over the bar.

Caber Toss

The caber is the most unique and the most identifiable event in the Games. It is based on accuracy and not by distance or height. The caber is cut from straight trees varying in length and weight, typically 18 to 21 feet long and ranging from 90 to 200 pounds. The athelete throws from 6 o'clock and he tries to flip the end he is holding to land at 12 o'clock, a perfect throw.

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Dundee Scottish Festival - Highland Games
Photography by Tom Shepard